Mongodb Nodejs Enterprise Features?

Hello does the official NodeJS driver include enterprise features such as working with in-memory Replica set’s?

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All official MongoDB drivers include support for both Community & Enterprise server features (there are no separate driver editions).

The Node.js Driver Compatibility reference includes information on Node.js drivers versus MongoDB server version and Node.js runtime.


Thank you for your quick reply can you point me to an example of calling the Replica set and or creating the replica set in Javascript?

Hi Scott,

Driver APIs are for designed for connecting to existing MongoDB deployments and working with data. They do not cover orchestration (for example, setting up replica sets or sharded clusters) as that happens outside of the MongoDB deployment and is typically integrated with other tooling like Kubernetes.

From a driver point of view, MongoDB Enterprise’s In-Memory Storage Engine presents the same as any other storage engine aside from the caveat that an error will be returned when the in-memory cache is full (since In-Memory Storage requires that all data & indexes fit in memory). Connections to a deployment with in-memory storage nodes use the standard MongoDB Connection String URI Format and do not require any special parameters.

The In-Memory Storage Engine is part of an Enterprise subscription which includes access to MongoDB Ops Manager for automation, backup, and monitoring. You can use the Ops Manager UI/API to automate deployments or a complementary tool like the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator.


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