MongoDB NodeJS associate developer practice exam : no way to find correct answer for the wrong answers

MongoDB NodeJS associate developer practice exam : no way to find correct answer for the wrong answers. I’ve attempted the practice exam twice. However, not able to figure out where I did wrong and why?
There should be some way out to know the correct answers of the wrong questions. Otherwise the practice test might be not able to serve its purpose.


Hi :wave: @neeraj,

At the moment, we do not display the correct answer to a practice question that you have answered incorrectly. However, we appreciate your feedback and will work with the concerned team to address it.

If you have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

Kushagra Kesav

Sure @Kushagra_Kesav
Thank you for your response. This will help. Looking forward for some way for the candidate to know the feedback of their attempt which is beyond just right/wrong option.

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The fact that they do not supply a way to find the correct answers might be based on the following information.

Harsh editorial comment next, please be aware.

A lot of people aiming for certification, are aiming just for certification and are not deploying the efforts to really learn the subject. They study the sample exams rather than the subject until they know enough good answers to pass the certification. They do not know much, they cannot do much but they are certified. Then they go on some medium, and read article like 10 JS questions and answers to land a job or 10 interview questions for python. They know nothing except than how to get a job. They cannot do the job but they got the job. Not providing answers to practice exam is one way to weed the field of unskilled certified people.

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Thanks @steevej for your replies.
Just to share that I’ve cleared my certification.
However, I still believe that there must be some option in the exam or there should be some way out to help a candidate.

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