MongoDB Node.js Driver 3.6.11 Released

The MongoDB Node.js team is pleased to announce version 3.6.11 of the mongodb package!

Release Highlights

This patch addresses a few bugs listed below.
Notably, we fixed an issue with the way we imported one of our optional dependencies that blocked webpack bundling.

If you are a webpack user you will still get warnings for our optional dependencies (if you don’t use them).
You can hush the warnings by adding this option to your webpack config:

    // ...
    externals: [
    // ...

It is important to note that this will leave the imports in place and not pull in the code to your bundle. If you later do adopt using these dependencies you’ll want to revert the relevant setting.

Bug Fixes

  • NODE-1843: bulk operations ignoring provided sessions (#2898) (9244b17)
  • NODE-3199: unable to bundle driver due to uncaught require (#2903) (60efe9d)


We invite you to try the mongodb package immediately, and report any issues to the NODE project.