MongoDB Next js - Structure different levels of environments & Databases


I am pretty new to MongoDB and to development as a whole, and I am trying to create an app with a development environment which would have a clone of all data (collections & documents) of the production environment.

Is there a process or best practices to set up such a thing?

In my .env.local:

I have set up NODE_ENV to http://localhost:3000 , MONGODB_URI & DATABASE_URL to the local dabatase (mongodb+srv://…/local?..)

Here’s the code of my connection file:

import { MongoClient } from "mongodb";

const uri = process.env.MONGODB_URI;
const options = {
	useUnifiedTopology: true,
	useNewUrlParser: true,

let client;
let clientPromise;

if (!process.env.MONGODB_URI) {
	throw new Error("Please add your Mongo URI to .env.local");

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === "development") {
	if (!global._mongoClientPromise) {
		client = new MongoClient(uri, options);
		global._mongoClientPromise = client.connect();
	clientPromise = global._mongoClientPromise;
} else {
	client = new MongoClient(uri, options);
	clientPromise = client.connect();

export default clientPromise;

PS: it’s working perfectly fine when everything is set to the production database.

Now, I get an error such as : (Unauthorized) not authorized on local to execute command

Although I do not understand, as I have a “local” database in MongoDB Compass but on Atlas I can only see the main database.

Thanks in advanced!