MongoDB natural language query API

Does MongoDB provide API for querying the database in natural language? Right now, I can only generate queries in mongodb compass. Whereas I want the capability to perform queries in natural language for my Q&A application. Is it possible?

Just looking around the MongoDB documentation, it appears that the Natural Language API is in beta not yet publicly exposed beyond Compass.

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Oh I see, looks like I’ll have to wait till the API is publicly exposed

Confirming that we are not planning to expose this functionality beyond Compass yet, but we are open to learning more. If this feature is important to you, please vote for it in MongoDB’s feedback portal here.

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@Julia_Oppenheim thanks for the link. I did vote there.

As an aside, your network team might take a look at the SAML logic for the feedback pages. I experienced a “Bad SAML login” glitch while logging in to vote on the issue, from which the page recovered however, and I was able to vote.