MongoDB Merchandise for my growing Team


I am one of the few young MongoDB Certified Administrators in South Africa, and I have helped grow my team to get their certifications and provide Enterprise level support to top companies in the country.

I was wondering if there was a way to acquire merchandise, represent MongoDB and spread the word of this wonderful technology that has changed our lives, there are no MUG events near us but would love to take our team to one in the future

we would feel amazing to wear our passion that we are dedicated to everyday,

Gareth Furnell

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Hey @Gareth_Furnell,

Thank you for your contributions to the community and for assisting developers in becoming certified.

I will follow up with our certification team to see if we can send you some merchandise. Additionally, if you’re interested in leading a MongoDB User Group in South Africa, we would be thrilled to support you in starting a community in the region.


Hi @Harshit

It has been a pleasure and will continue to do my best, always happy to see someone’s face light up when they learn the new things that MongoDB releases as it grows so fast.

That would be amazing thank you! we’d feel so loved by MongoDB and assure we’re in the best career as young administrators and developers.
We have an office that would be able to receive them and host any MongoDB User Group Gatherings we build, would there be anyone that can assist us with some tips on how best to grow a Community?

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That ll be lovely . A mongodb user group in south Africa would be a welcome idea

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Glad to know that @Gareth_Furnell !
Here are all the details about starting a User Group and also a form to apply as a MUG Leader. About the User Groups & Events category - User Groups & Events - MongoDB Developer Community Forums

Looking forward to supporting you to build a community in SA :slight_smile: