Mongodb Logical Session are not cleaning in Secondary Config cluster in the shard environment

Hi Team,
I am using Mongo6.0.3 sharding environment.
In the Config cluster Secondary Nodes facing issues the logical sessions are reaching the threshold and not allowing any new.
Found that the sessions established in the secondary node directly (use case is from monitoring exporter) are not cleaned and sessions are piling up and those are not part of current op.

Note: Config primary Node and other shard replica (primary/secondary) we are not seeing this issue. its only specific to Config Secondary nodes.

db.aggregate( [ {$listLocalSessions: { allUsers: true } },{$group: {_id: “$user”,count: { $count: { } }}}])
{ _id: ‘exporterlogin@admin’, count: 230191 },
{ _id: null, count: 58 },
{ _id: ‘myadmin@admin’, count: 12 }

Monitoring on the secondary is important and restarting the exporter is not helpful as session are in Mongodb. Tried killing it with various options including db.runCommand( { killAllSessions: } ) but nothing helpful. All sessions seems to be orphan.

Need to restart the Mongo service to clean up the session.

Any fix or workaround would be helpful.