Mongodb localhost clear data

Hello! Well, i started with mongodb localhost yesterday (i use mongodb cloud has 8 months), so i opened the local server with mongod, developed and about 20:00 hours i think “and if i run the mongodb server when my node process start?” so i did it, i stopped my local server, and after i reboot, all data are total cleared, the database is as the first time who i used… I tried to do it again and it doenst happen more, it appears isnt common, but happened, and i want to know because, to prevent this happen again

here is the log of mongod: pastebin

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Cleiton_N_A !

Please provide some more information on your environment:

  • version of MongoDB server
  • O/S version
  • command-line or steps you are using to start the MongoDB server
  • is your MongoDB server accessible from remote computers?

One likely possibility is that you started the MongoDB with different options (for example, manual invocation as mongod versus starting or stopping with a service definition) that resulted in different dbPath settings being used.


  • MongoDB server version: 5.0
  • O/S version: Windows 10 version H1H2 (19044.1526)
  • command-line to start the MongoDB server: “C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\5.0\bin\mongod.exe”
  • is your MongoDB server accessible from remote computers?: no