MongoDB (local) vs MongoDB Atlas

Hi! I’m using MongoDB (local) and MongoAtlas to store the logs of an application. I don’t understand why, in the same period of time my system stores more entries in Altas than in the local mongoDB version. I don’t know if it could be due to I’ve enable TLS1.3 ( for the local one…but I find it very strange. Ie. in 3 minutes my system saves 30072 documents in the local version and 39041 in atlas…What could be the reason? thanks in advance

Hi Laura,

That sounds really odd and I can’t imagine it could have anything to do with a TLS setting.

Is it possible you didn’t drive the same exact set of writes to both places?

Thanks Andrew! Yes it possible, because I capturing system events and sending them to Mongo, but I always get much more entries in Atlas than in the local version. I don’t have a cluster this last one…could be that the reason?
Thanks again