MongoDB .local San Francisco 2020


I received some very positive feedback regarding the recent MongoDB .local San Francisco 2020 event from members of my local Meetup group.

The group members messaged me privately, all saying the same thing, in regards to their favorite session of the day. Everyone loved the Realm session and said it was an incredibly interesting technology.

Well done!


Hello! I attended the MongoDB.local event and wanted to share my feedback.

The sessions were all amazing. At first I was a little put off with the headphone requirement, but ultimately the headphones did not hinder the learning experience. My favorite session was the talk on Realm: REST-less Mobile apps: why offline-first and sync matters for your app and business. Not only was I impressed by the capabilities of Realm, but the presenter really helped lay out the specific modern day application problems that the framework can solve.

As for the venue, I did feel that it was too small. Very hard to move about. Most sessions seemed to be full with standing room only to attend.

One last comment was on the food. I thought the food truck idea was good but as with the venue, too crowded. with only 45 minutes to grab lunch before the next session, our group decided to eat offsite instead of trying to figure out how to get in line.

Overall an amazing day, and will look forward to the next event!


Hi, I attended MongoDB.local in San Francisco this week and am already looking forward to next years! I had a great time and really enjoyed the sessions. One of my favorite sessions was Aggregation Pipeline Power++ presented by Asya Kamsky. She did a great job at summarizing aggregation pipeline and how it has evolved over the past few years.
Additionally, I enjoyed the environment and overall energy of the event.


First off, there wasn’t a session I didn’t like, although there were some things about the REST-less (Realm) talk that I would have loved to’ve seen changes to. I wish the talk included more code to explain how to integrate and potentially a demo to showcase how things worked (with offline access/failure states/etc). As it stands currently, it’s an impressive product that can really speak for itself, but I walked away from the talk feeling like I was advertised to rather than showcased a really cool piece of tech (which it undoubtably is! The “advertising” was effective even if it felt a bit blatent at times)

I’d also like to note the same thing that was addressed - the venue felt far too small. Even standing room didn’t feel like enough in some of the sessions.

Additionally, the lunch was a clever idea with food trucks, but none of the folks who attended the GraphQL talk (which I personally think was the best! Very informational, even outside of the Mongo uses. Great intro) were realistically able to get lunch. I had to miss out on lunch as a result

One of the things I think the conference did uniquely well was providing resources for folks to learn how to layout databases in a NoSQL manor. This was huge and is one of the questions I hear the most from folks who use Mongo in any capacity. I’d suggest anyone to go to a .local event just for that and the 1:1 sessions itself

Lastly, the last talk of the Pipeline Power++ was amazing! It took me from “I don’t know what aggregate was” to “Wow, I feel like it can do anything I’ll bet I could really sink my teeth into that” and was simple to understand (a rarity when diving in so deep into such concepts)

All in all, great environment and a good day. Looking forward to more!


Thanks so much for your comments! I’m always worried I’m trying to throw too much information into a 40 minute talk - great to hear you found it useful!

P.S. Welcome to the forums!

Thanks! I think you told me right after the session that you didn’t know about aggregate before - I was pretty worried about audience members who weren’t already familiar with aggregation at all, so I’m glad to hear I didn’t need to worry! :slight_smile:

I think it was a great mixture of “review” and new stuff. I think without the “review” section from your 2017 talk I likely would have been lost, but including it as a quick recap was a fantastic way to bring others up-to-date. (plus, I loved the “PHSHEW” time-lapse sound effects :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: always nice to have some fun while learning)

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