MongoDB.local London 2021: A Non-mobile Developer’s Guide to Building Your First iOS App With MongoDB Realm

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About this Event

MongoDB.local London will feature multiple hybrid stages packed with educational content designed to teach you technologies, tools, and best practices that make it easy to build data-driven applications without distraction.


This tutorial will teach you how to build your first mobile application. It’s aimed at experienced developers who are new to mobile.

We’ll start with a short tour of the anatomy of a mobile app – covering both the backend and frontend components. We’ll pay particular attention to the data with Atlas in the backend, a Realm database embedded in the mobile app, and Realm Sync tying everything together.


Tue, Nov 9th, 2021
3:30pm GMT


:dart: Agenda and Tickets are available via MongoDB .london


Andrew Morgan-Realm


MongoDB Staff Engineer

Andrew has built database software throughout his career - including development, product management, and product marketing. He started his career developing real-time database software before eventually moving into product management for MySQL/Oracle. In 2015, he jumped at the chance to join MongoDB as a product marketeer, and he’s since wormed my way back into software development. His current role is to develop and build content around mobile apps using Realm.