MongoDB Live broken

When I click the Magic Link, it sends me a confirmation email.
When I click the Magic Link in the confirmation email, it … sends me another confirmation email.
Repeat …
You can do better than that!

Finally worked. After many loops.

Hi @Jack_Woehr,

Sorry to hear you had difficulties signing in to the MongoDB.Live event.

Can you provide a few more details to share with the event team:

  • browser version
  • O/S version
  • any ad blocking or privacy extensions enabled

The Magic Link email includes a link to a Browser Compatibility reference which might be helpful. Chrome & Firefox should be safe bets for full support in their default configuration, but browser plugins/extensions can sometimes interfere.

If your login issue resolved without any changes in your browser, there may have been a transient technical or network issue.


Thanks as always, @Stennie … Firefox latest, Ubuntu latest, yes ad-blocking, I think it was “transient technical or network issue”. It was very weird. About 6 loops of sending me to the “Let us verify you are not a robot” page and then it actually sent the link. Maybe just overloaded. Good content, glad I finally got in. I could have done without the hand puppets though for the security session :wink:

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