MongoDB Laravel Integration Now Officially Supported

Hi all,

I am excited to share that MongoDB has taken over development of the community-driven MongoDB integration for Laravel framework! This means you can expect regular updates with improvements to the functionality, bug fixes, and compatibility with most recent Laravel and MongoDB releases.

Formerly known as jenssegers/laravel-mongodb, the library extends Eloquent, Laravel’s ORM, offering Eloquent models, query builders, and transactions for a seamless experience for PHP developers working with MongoDB.

To use MongoDB with Laravel framework, check out the latest release of this library, which added support for Laravel 10 - Laravel MongoDB 4.0.0. If you’re just getting started with MongoDB PHP projects, we have a tutorial on how to build a Laravel + MongoDB back end service and documentation for the library. Give it a try today and let us know what you think! Please report any ideas, bugs, or feedback in the PHPORM JIRA project.

Check out the official announcement here - MongoDB Laravel Integration Now Officially Supported.

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