Mongodb Kubernetes OpsManager Pod Permissions Error

I’ve been trying to deploy the MongoDB Kubernetes Operator on Openshift 4.4 in the Azure cloud.
When the operator creates the Ops Manager POD from the MongoDBOpsManager CRD, the pod quits with the error:

failed to create symbolic link ‘/data/journal’: Permission denied

I’ve googled a solution, which is to to create Multiple PVCs to bind the “Data, Journal and Logs” directories. Even by doing so, the solution didn’t work and had the Ops pod had the same error.

Can you open a ticket with MongoDB and post what is the ticket name? I personally don’t have an OCP environment in Azure but it works fine with AWS.

Same issue, need help !!

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same issue for me, docs say it, but i cant solve it, i am using digitalocean cluster


Grant your containers permission to write to your Persistent Volume. The Kubernetes Operator sets fsGroup = 2000 in securityContext This makes Kubernetes try to fix write permissions for the Persistent Volume. If redeploying the resource does not fix issues with your Persistent Volumes, contact MongoDB support.