MongoDB Kafka Source Connector Unable to recreate the cursor

Hi, I’m trying to use the MongoDB Kafka Source Connector v1.11.0 but it’s not working and the logs keep printing the following in an endless loop

If the resume token is no longer available then there is the potential for data loss.
Saved resume tokens are managed by Kafka and stored with the offset data.

To restart the change stream with no resume token either: 
  * Create a new partition name using the `` configuration.
  * Set `errors.tolerance=all` and ignore the erroring resume token. 
  * Manually remove the old offset from its configured storage.

Resetting the offset will allow for the connector to be resume from the latest resume
token. Using `startup.mode = copy_existing` ensures that all data will be outputted by the
connector but it will duplicate existing data.
[2023-08-24 08:38:18,471] INFO Unable to recreate the cursor (com.mongodb.kafka.connect.source.MongoSourceTask)
[2023-08-24 08:38:18,477] INFO Watching for collection changes on 'avd.vehicles' (com.mongodb.kafka.connect.source.MongoSourceTask)
[2023-08-24 08:38:18,478] INFO New change stream cursor created without offset. (com.mongodb.kafka.connect.source.MongoSourceTask)
[2023-08-24 08:38:18,480] WARN Failed to resume change stream: The $changeStream stage is only supported on replica sets 40573

The source needs to be a replica set and can not be a stand alone MongoDB node