MongoDB Kafka Connector Logs and Metrics not Showing After Upgrading to 1.9.1

We recently upgraded our Mongo Kafka Connector from v1.6.1 to v1.9.1 to debug issues we were seeing using the new metrics that were added. After upgrading we stopped seeing logs for some of our collections/connectors. Those same collections/connectors that aren’t showing logs also don’t show metrics. We get some logs/metrics from some connectors, but not all.

We’ve compared the config between a connector that’s working and a connector that’s not working and haven’t noticed any differences other than the collection name. It does not appear to always be the same connectors either.

For some background, we are using the Mongo Kafka Connector as a source connector to feed into changes to some of our collections into Kafka. There are a total of 49 collections, so 49 source connectors. These source connectors are deployed to a Kubernetes cluster with a total of 6 pods used for the connectors.

My current best guess is only 1 connector per pod is logging, but I’m not sure if that’s accurate.

This was solved. The issue was with our metrics ingestion tool hitting a limit. We are using DD and there’s an annotation to increase the metric limit for JMX metrics. The Mongo-specific stats, though, only show up as logs and aren’t entirely useful since they are identified as an incrementing integer, which is difficult to correlate to a connector when spread across 6 nodes.

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