MongoDB Java Driver 4.6.0 Released

The 4.6.0 version of MongoDB Java & JVM Drivers has been released.

Reference documentation

The Java driver reference documentation site contains detailed documentation of the 4.6 driver.

Bug fixes

See the full list of bug fixes on this JIRA board


See the full list of improvements on this JIRA board

New Features

See the full list of new features on this JIRA board


Is this available in Maven Repo. I don’t see the Maven artifacts for this Java Driver v4.6.0 in fact for any v4.x.x.
Can I get the Repo details from where can I download the artifacts…

That is because drivers 4.x.x are now in a different project of mongodb on maven. You need to find libraries separately. For instance for bson library you need:

Thanks for the quick response.

As per GitHub - mongodb/mongo-java-driver-reactivestreams: The Java Reactive Stream driver for MongoDB, The MongoDB Reactive Streams Java Driver is now officially end-of-life and this codebase has moved into the [MongoDB Java Driver]. That’s the reason I was looking into JavaDriver which has reactivestreams API’s for V4.x.x.

So, If I want to make use of reactivestreams driver API’s, the following coordinates would be the right one’s?

org.mongodb mongodb-driver-reactivestreams 4.6.0

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, you can find all java related libraries for mongodb under following parent repository:

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