MongoDB Java Driver 4.5.0 Released

The 4.5.0 MongoDB Java & JVM Drivers has been released.

Reference documentation

The documentation hub includes extensive documentation of the 4.5 driver.

Bug fixes

You can find a full list of bug fixes here.


You can find a full list of improvements here.

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Good morning,

I have a question that may sound like ‘misunderstanding of some kind’, but if someone knows where is the problem, please answer.
Our mongodb deployment is community version 4.2 and 4.4. We are using java backoffice programs with mongodb java driver 3.12.10 and 3.10.
Plan was to upgrade mongodb software to 5.0.x, but for that, according to compatibility matrix, we should use java driver min. version 4.3.

Problem is that we cannot find where to download driver. Latest build (jar) on github or on maven is version 3.12.10 (dated 03.08.2021.)
Mongodb 5.0 also dates from summer 2021.

How is possible that there are no newer drivers available for download?
I can see that source code and api documentation is available but that is not ‘driver’.

How is possible that the same time mongodb 5.0 and old driver 3.12.10 are released, summer 2021?
V5.0 should be accompanied with driver version 4.5 not 3.12.10. (August 2021).

Many thanks for answer and help with this.

Best regards,
Branimir Putniković

Hi @Branimir_Putnikovic,

I am not sure where you are looking for artifacts published in the Maven Central Repository, so I am leaving the correct links here:

If you navigate to any of them, you’ll see org.mongodb:mongodb-driver-sync:4.5.1 being the latest released artifact.


Hi @Valentin_Kovalenko ,

we used link Central Repository: org/mongodb/mongo-java-driver that was taken from mongodb java driver web page. Wrong I suppose.
Many thanks for corrections and instructions with correct links.

Best regards,
Branimir Putniković

mongo-java-driver is not the right artifact ID. @Branimir_Putnikovic, could you please point to the specific page where you found that link?

Page is: Maven Central Repository Search

and this page also:

Also from this:

download it using: Maven (link)
Then menu, down, enhanced by google: mongo-java-driver and you get the first page mention

(I have replied three times since I got message that new users can only write one link in one post.)

Hi @Branimir_Putnikovic,

Thank you. Of the three links you posted, only one is to the page maintained by MongoDB. That page links to, i.e., to the official Maven page, not to any Java driver artifacts, i.e., the link does not require fixing there. The two other links indeed refer to artifacts with wrong IDs (mongo-java-driver instead of mongodb-driver-sync), but my understanding is that you did not take them from pages maintained by MongoDB.

Hi @Valentin_Kovalenko,

correct. Problem is that after opening page I used ‘enhanced google search’ with words mongodb that gave me first result [

Central Repository: org/mongodb/mongo-java-driver

](Central Repository: org/mongodb/mongo-java-driver) that is wrong artifact ID

I did not know that correct search string (artifact id) is mongodb-driver-sync.

Thank you very much for clarifications and pointing to correct artifact id.
Links on MongoDB web pages are correct indeed.

Best regards,
Branimir Putniković

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