MongoDB Java: Any driver with built in batching? How to handle batching?

I’m at an old MongoDB Java Driver and I’m looking to upgrade. However, I’m wondering if any of the drivers have any kind of buffer or functionality to handle a large amount of e.g. insertOne, and instead bundle/batch it to ease the burden?

I think I see the Reactive Streams has some sort of back pressure functionality, but it may perhaps only be in queuing and/or notifying, not in actually performing operations in batch instead of single operations…?

If not, is there any tooling that offers this sort of functionality as a layer on top, or will it have to be hand made? I’m dealing with a lot of threads trying to make this work, if relevant.

Or is there some other way I can do it by simply calling some other functionality than the mentioned insertOne? I realize you have insertMany, but I do not have many at that point in time (the context is that of a single Document in a thread with not much other info).

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!