Mongodb is not working

I tried a lot of times to run the mongo command on cmd but it shows only the command is not recognized as the internal and external command, even after setting the environment variable. I can run the mongod command. And also the mongo compass is not getting installed in my computer.

May be the path is not updated properly?
Did you try to run mogod from bin dir?
What error are you getting with Compass installation?
Please show screenshots for mongod and Compass issues

Hi @S.K_kansya and welcome to the MongoDB Community forums. :wave:

If you installed MognoDB 6.0, you will not have a mongo command available. I just downloaded the tarballs for both 5.0.10 and 6.0.0 on my Mac and expanded them:


If you have version 6.0.x then you will want to download the mongosh command line tool which has replaced the older mongo command line tool.