MongoDB Installation

Hi, I want to install MongoDB on my Namecheap VPS hosting (centOS7). Is there anyone who guide me on how can I install it?

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Malik_Safwan !

As far as I’m aware, cPanel does not have any integrated support for installing MongoDB.

Please see the MongoDB manual for instructions on Installing MongoDB Community Edition on CentOS.

While self-hosting is definitely an option, I would also consider setting up a MongoDB Atlas managed deployment. If you run your application & database servers in a single VPS, they will compete for the same resources (CPU, RAM, disk) and you are more likely to run into performance challenges under load. Atlas has a free tier with 512MB of data storage for a learning/development sandbox, so you can get started quickly with a deployment that has best practices configured like user authentication, TLS/SSL network encryption, data redundancy & failover via replication, and monitoring.