MongoDB Indexes Explained - Document for review/suggestions

Hello Community,

I’m wokring on a draft document on the MongoDB Indexes Simplified as below at my website, could you please review it and let me know for any suggestions/corrections if any.


First, thx for writing this great article for students.

I didn’t go through everything in it but i noticed this:

MongoDB indexes work by creating an index object that references the location of the data in the database. The index object consists of a key and a value. The key is the field or fields that you want to index, and the value is a reference to the location of the data in the database.

Generally secondary indexes point to the primary key of the record instead of the ultimate data location. This is to reduce the complexity (and overhead) when records are moving around on disk. Only primary index points directly to the data page on disk.

I’m not a Mongodb Employee, so you can verify this with them.

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