MongoDB Go Driver 1.9.1 Released

The MongoDB Go Driver Team is pleased to release version 1.9.1 of the MongoDB Go Driver.

This release includes various bug fixes, including fixing the “soft fail” behavior of the OCSP certificate check and correctly handling 32- or 64-bit integers in server responses. For more information please see the 1.9.1 release notes.

You can obtain the driver source from GitHub under the v1.9.1 tag.

Documentation for the Go driver can be found on and the MongoDB documentation site. BSON library documentation is also available on Questions and inquiries can be asked on the MongoDB Developer Community. Bugs can be reported in the Go Driver project in the MongoDB JIRA where a list of current issues can be found. Your feedback on the Go driver is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
The Go Driver Team


Tried it out and posted a link to this announcement to Gophers Slack


Thx for this.
Just a little question, must this fixes be back-ported to 1.8 release branch?

@Jerome_LAFORGE we currently do not plan to back-port the fixes introduced in v1.9.1 to a v1.8.x release.

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