MongoDB Go Driver 1.12.1 Released

The MongoDB Go Driver Team is pleased to release version 1.12.1 of the MongoDB Go Driver.

This release fixes a bug in the Go Driver where connections are leaked if a user runs a transaction while connected to a load balancer. To resolve this issue, the Go Driver will now unpin connections when ending a session.

This release fixes a logging design oversight in which enabling logging with options.LogComponentAll does not result in the publication of logs.

This release fixes two runtime errors, which occur on unmarshaling an empty bson.RawValue with an invalid type, specifically the 0x00 (null) type, and on marshaling a nil pointer of ReadConcern.

For more information please see the 1.12.1 release notes.

You can obtain the driver source from GitHub under the v1.12.1 tag.

Documentation for the Go driver can be found on and the MongoDB documentation site. BSON library documentation is also available on Questions and inquiries can be asked on the MongoDB Developer Community. Bugs can be reported in the Go Driver project in the MongoDB JIRA where a list of current issues can be found. Your feedback on the Go driver is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
The Go Driver Team


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