MongoDB FreeMonitoring 4.2.10

Hi All,

We have disabled MongoDB free monitoring for our 4.2.10 mongodb community replica set. But still URL link is accessible . Please guide how to disable URL .

free monitoring status showing as disabled

rs1:SECONDARY> db.getFreeMonitoringStatus()
        "state" : "disabled",
        "message" : "To see your monitoring data, navigate to the unique URL below. Anyone you share the URL with will also be able to view this page. You can disable monitoring at any time by running db.disableFreeMonitoring().",
        "url" : "",
        "userReminder" : "Free Monitoring URL:\n",
        "ok" : 1,
        "$clusterTime" : {
                "clusterTime" : Timestamp(1637141910, 2),
                "signature" : {
                        "hash" : BinData(0,"W/xxxxxxxxx"),
                        "keyId" : NumberLong("xxxxxxxx")
        "operationTime" : Timestamp(xxxxxxxx, 2)

Thank You.

Anurag Agnihotri

Hi ,

Kindly assist . After 24 hours of disabling free monitoring , URL stop showing MongoDB instance info.
But still URL is accessible.Is there any way we can stop viewing of URL

Attached URL screenshot for your reference.

thank you