MongoDB for C# developers

I would like to share with you the unofficial MongoDB C# docs, a gitbook that contains many samples written with the C# driver in a typed way (not BsonDocument) which is the prefered way for all C# developers.

Its goal is to cover all types of problems C# developers facing when building MongoDB queries.


var travelersQueryableCollection = tripsDatabase

var linqQuery = travelersQueryableCollection
    .SelectMany(t => t.Activities, (t, a) => new
        age = t.Age,
        activity = a
    .GroupBy(q => q.age)
    .Select(g => new { age = g.Key, activities = 
        g.Select(a => a.activity).Distinct() })
    .OrderBy(r => r.age);

var linqQueryResults = await linqQuery.ToListAsync();

I hope you enjoy the docs!!

PS: Feel free to contribute!!

MongoDB for C# developers