MongoDB For Academia & MongoDB for Startups categories

There are two categories that are visible to me, and I’m doubting that I should be seeing:

  • MongoDB for Academia
  • MongoDB for Startups

Descriptions state that they are for certain people, and startups especially has mention that it is visible to moderators but not to others, and people should be added there. I am from startup, but I doubt that I’ve been identified to such yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

@kerbe Thanks for asking! Those categories are publicly visible so anyone can find out more about the MongoDB for Startups and new MongoDB for Academia programs.

Participants in programs such as these will have access to additional private forums for discussion. We’re still adjusting and configuring settings during the forum beta period, so if you are a member of either program we’ll let you know when additional subcategories are ready for use.

The descriptions of categories will be adjusted to make it clearer that the public categories are for discussion about the programs. They were originally private categories but we thought it made more sense to increase awareness and have visible starting points.


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That’s good thought, and most likely will boost attendance to those programs greatly. Current descriptions / first posts in those categories indeed tricked me. :slight_smile:

Yesterday, I came across the same issue. Thanks for raising the question @kerbe

The description for MongoDB for Academia tells me:

This category is available for participants in the MongoDB for Academia program to collaborate with each other.

So one point is archived: attention is raised. But there is not further information. What is the program about? Who is the target audience? At the end I came to the same conclusion as @kerbe : this must be something private. So if this is for discussion about the program(s), may be it could be helpful to describe the program briefly in a sticky post? That could enable interested folks.


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Thank you for raising these questions!

The MongoDB for Academia program is in an early stage. We don’t have a landing page or participants at the moment, but we’ll have more information on this soon.

I’ll take a look at the description and will clear this up :slight_smile:


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