MongoDB Explained In-short


Since you posted here, I’m assuming you are okay with feedback so here is my input.

  1. This is a very confusing way to show sharding, I understand it’s a general purpose high level and you combined Replica + Sharding but it makes it look like the application connections directly to a mongos, when it’s the driver. Plus Shard 1 is connected directly to the Primary not the mongos.

  2. General Log: This should be mongod.log not mognod.log

  3. Configuration: This should be mongod.conf as the default not mognod.conf

  4. The driver section by listing two programing languages you seems like those are the only 2 that are available.

  5. Management tools there is also Cloud Manager, this comes with MongoDB Enterprise subscription and its basically ops manager but hosted by MongoDB for on-prem deployments.

Just some feedback you can take it or leave it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed feedback, I’ll incorporate those chanegs, typos in my next version of document.
Thanks once again @tapiocaPENGUIN !


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