MongoDb Exam Grading for students from LMIC

Hi MongoDb

My name is Byron Odhiambo from a small village called Asembo in Kenya. My journey learning about MongoDb has been epic from its vast documentation and an engaging free course material at MongoDb Unversity. I’m currently Mongodb ambasador in my home region and I believe in its potential in transforming the way developers work with data. The only request I’d want to make is for Mongodb to have a consideration for students coming from LMIC. The whole examination process was challenging and partly affected the outcome of the exam. Scored a 75 of which I believe I would have done better. Hope you take this into consideration when grading for the exams.

Hey @hue_man_N_A,

It’s great to see you back on MongoDB Community Forums! :leaves:

You can send in your feedback and any certification-related requests/information to There, someone from the concerned team should be able to guide and help you out with your concerned query.

Regarding finding the exam challenging, I would recommend going through MongoDB University’s Learning Path and practice exam questions before appearing for the exam to be best prepared for the exam. Kindly also refer to the Program Guide and Exam Study Guide for more details on how to best prepare for the exam and other details.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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