Mongodb enterprise kubernetes operator failed with ops manger

I deployed ops manager in local mode and mongodb enterprise kubernetes operator.
I followed the documentation and I didn’t understood the part of putting mongodb binaries in the ops manager pvc. If I have image of Mongodb which the operator know to use when deploying custom reasurce of Mongo why do I need the binaries?. I tried to put them in the pvc but I am still getting error when creating Mongodb cr. 401 unauthorized.

Hi @ori.simhovich

I can’t specifically advise on the error - we’d need more information and I’d suggest opening a support case so you get quick responses to help you work this out. MongoDB Support Portal

But I can explain why you need the binaries. In the default mode the agent pulls the binary for mongod from the internet. In local mode you’re telling it to get it from Ops Manager. As a result there’s no internet connection needed, instead you need to have downloaded the binary and loaded it into the mounted volume.

In Kubernetes, while we support both Local and Remote mode, it’s sometimes easier to use Remote mode, where instead of pulling the binary from the internet (default mode) or from Ops Manager (local mode), you use an HTTP(S) server. This can be easier as its often easier to load the binaries onto an HTTP(S) server than having to load it into the volume attached to Ops Manager.

Hi @Dan_Mckean Thanks for responding!
Is there any way to check if the ops manager in local mode detect the binaries?
If I enter the pod terminal I can see the fils in the mongodb-releases director. y but how can I know that the ops manager can use them?

Hi, I’m not sure there is a way to manually check that. If they’re in the directly that should work.

I suggest opening a support case to help progress this :slight_smile: