MongoDB Driver EOL or Support (v 2.18.0)

Hello Team,

[MongoDB.Driver] (NuGet Gallery | MongoDB.Driver 2.20.0)
In last 9 months (Start of 2023) there has been 4 major version released for MongoDB Driver SDK supporting .NET Core.
We are currently using v 2.18.0 and planning to migrate to some time next year due to vulnerability tagged for the versions < 2.19.0

Can you suggest or give insights on the EOL or Support for versions v2.18.0 and above for better decision making.

Hi Mukesh,

We follow Semantic Versioning, and so the last four releases have all been minor (e.g. 2.19.0) or patch (e.g. 2.19.1) releases.

We don’t have an official EOL policy for drivers, however server versions follow a 3 year EOL policy from date of major release. We generally advise users to upgrade to the latest version of the driver whenever upgrading.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you @Patrick_Gilfether1. This helps!