MongoDB document versioning limitations

We are planning to use MongoDB for a new project/product and one of the requirements is to have history/revisions of the documents for auditing purposes.

After some research we found out that MongoDB supports Document Versioning, but it is always mentioned that there are limitations on the number of revisions and versioned documents and we couldn’t find any details about these limitations as what that “number” is.

I can’t recall that mongodb supports versioning as built-in fefature. Any official link?

You may also want to check this.


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Can you please let us know which number you’re mentioning here? It would be great to link the source of your information as well for us from where you read MongoDB supports Document Versioning to better able to guide you here.

As @Kobe_W has correctly pointed out, you can use MongoDB’s Document Versioning Pattern to build your data model so as to be easily able to support document versioning.

Please feel free to reach out for anything else as well.