MongoDB Developer Exam results


I scored 75.67% in total in the developer exam and it says I failed, wondering how is this possible?
I got the exam interface and I passed all topics, I even score 100% in some of them. I don’t understand how you measure this pass/fail? Is it possible to share more information about it? Thanks.

Would like to know, too, if we have the total questions needed to pass and how many we hit would be very better than a percentage breakdown… if we hit 0% on one topic that have fewer questions (1 or 2, like Data Modeling for example) how is the impact on the general final percentage?

On AWS says you need 750 to pass on an exam, why not do the same?

Hello Ana & Joao. Thank you for your questions. There are many reasons we do not disclose a cut score to our examinees but here are two of the biggest factors we considered when choosing to disclose our cut score or not.

Confidentiality and Fairness - Disclosing the cut score could potentially enable candidates to game the system by narrowly focusing on the exact passing score rather than genuinely mastering the material.

Psychometrics - Determining a fair and valid cut score is a complex process that involves psychometric analysis. Psychometricians take into account factors like question difficulty, candidate performance, and exam reliability to establish a passing score. These calculations may not lend themselves to a simple, easily communicable number.

I hope that gives you a better understanding of why we do not disclose the cut score.

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