MongoDB Developer Certification V4.2 syllabus


Is MMAPV1 covered for MongoDB Developer Certification V4.2. Because, MMAPV1 is deprecated in V4.2. However the “study guide” still refers the MMAPV1 storage engine. But, the links given in the study guide are not redirecting any more to MMAPV1.

If MMAPV1 is not going to be touched, can the reference be removed from the study guide, for V4.2?

It’s all WiredTiger based now.

Any idea for Mongo team to update the study material?

Share screenshots from the Study Guide of the links that don’t work.

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Here are the steps to see the MMAPV1 references from study guide.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘View Study guide’
  3. Search for ‘MMAPV1’, it is still being referred hell lot of places.

Again repeating the question, Here question is not about links are not working. Why MMAPV1 is still being referred in the study guide, if it is not part of the Certification exam.

Hope this helps.

Understood and I’m aware of where to look. I was referring to what you mentioned here :arrow_up:.

Hopefully you’ll get a response from one the MongoDB Uni staff.

Ofcourse the “links given in the study guide are not redirecting any more to MMAPV1.”.

This is where if you click on Storage engines -> MMAPV1, it is redirecting to the page ‘’ but not actual MMAPV1 (of course it might not exist anymore). so I was referring the links are not working as per the topic mentioned.

I see. The MongoDB documentation is version based (top-left corner) with the default page being the current version. It was not too long ago (I think late last year) that it was changed to this version-based style. The user guide is a bit outdated (probably based on 3.6) as it doesn’t mention some of the new features in v4.0+ so I wouldn’t rely solely on it.

As a side note, if there was ever any question about Storage Engines in the Developer exam, it would be just the one. There’s more of a likelihood of this type of question appearing in the DBA exam.

I would anticipate someone from MongoDB team address about the update/correct the study guide.

Hi @csudeer,

Thanks for notifying the issue. We have updated the certification exams, but in the process of updating Study Guide. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response Kanika.

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