MongoDB data at rest encryption

Hi, I am aware MongoDB community edition does not offer data at rest encryption. Is there 3rd party or open source solution available to use data at rest encryption on MongoDB
community edition 4.* on Linux and Windows platform.


Hello @vipul_pahuja

I am not aware of any simple, integrated solution. I am not an MDB sales person, but when you have the need to protect your productive data it might be worth to consider fully functioning build in tools. I think starting with an M10 cluster you can have this. Have not checked for serverless. The loss or hack of your data is probably a more expensive thread? This is all personal opinion.


Hi @vipul_pahuja,

The Encryption at Rest feature in MongoDB Enterprise handles encryption at a storage engine level.

A free alternative that works with any edition of MongoDB (or other products) is to use disk/volume encryption, for example:

Encryption at the storage engine level is more targeted than disk/volume encryption and prevents reading data from a file copy backup without the decryption key. However, disk encryption software is transparent to applications and broadly available.

Another option is to encrypt sensitive data using Client-Side Field Level Encryption (MongoDB 4.2+). The Client-Side Field Level Encryption Guide uses a real-world scenario to illustrate usage.

A comprehensive security strategy should include Defense in depth, where multiple strategies are layered to minimise possible attack vectors. For available security measures, the MongoDB Security Checklist is a good starting reference.