MongoDB CSFLE - Local Key Rotation not working

I am using Mongo Client Side Field Level Encryption for storing data. I am maintaining my master key as a “local” master key, and I have a Credential Manager on my side where I am storing this key.

I am trying to rewrap the Data Encryption Key using a new Customer Master Key.

I am using python motor library’s AsyncIOMotorClientEncryption class and using the rewrap_many_data_key method to rewrap the key.

I am getting errors from mongocryptd library that it’s not able to recognise the key dict that I am passing.

Any one who has used local key rotation in python?

Hello Prakhar and welcome to the community,

Support for local key rotation/rewrapping is on the roadmap and should be supported in the coming months.

Thank you,


Thank you for the quick reply Cynthia. May I ask which Mongo version would this the change be released for and will it be backwards compatible with MongoDB 4.2+ versions?

Hi Prakhar,

The change will be implemented in the MongoDB drivers, since CSFLE is a client-side feature and no cryptographic operations are done on the server side. This means that it will be compatible with all supported server versions (4.4+). When available, all you’ll need to do is update your driver to the latest version.

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