MongoDB connector for BI connection to multiple deployments

HI Team,

Host A ( Cognos ) → Host B ( connector ) → Host C (mongoDB )

I am using a host A for Cognos Analytics ( BI ) and another host B where the connector for BI is installed which in turn connects to the MongoDB.

I have a working setup where the mongosqld.conf is configured on host B with all the information of the mongoDB

I have a requirement to seutp a new connection for another DB. So, do i have to update the conf file with that additinoal information or have to create another file. ?

if i have to create another file, then what should be its name like ?

for ex. in oracle, when using tnsnames.ora, we have list of all the connections mentioned in the same tnsnames. ora. similar examples are with odbc.ini files when using teradata and sap etc.,

What i am not sure is if i can add more and more DBs in the same .conf file and start the mongosqld service. ?

Is that allowed ?

kindly help. thanks in advance.