Mongodb connection url⁶

Pls i have an issue with my connection url on mongodb that’s what i think ao though, pls can check the images provided below for better understanding

You might want to post the code with passwords removed that show how you’re connecting. Most likely there’s a problem with your connection string.

Also not sure if this is your problem but with the password section of your uri string, it’s safer to wrap it in encodeURIComponent in case you have any special characters


Eeii pls if u can break it down small especially what u said last

I don’t get what u said here “You might want to post the code with passwords removed that show how you’re connecting”, I know that am meant to input my password in the connection string with username though, so putting password in it can affect it how it would connect right?

I was also talking about the last line the encode something u said, I understand when it is been used but I don’t know how or where it should be put in my connection string or my code

My recommendation is, go back to the very beginning and follow the instructions step by step. Start here:

Otherwise you’ll keep getting stuck. I’ve been there, it’s tough in the beginning. YouTube walkthroughs can help as well. But I promise all of the answers are in the documentation – MongoDB’s is very good – and the best skill you can develop is learning how to read through them