MongoDB connection issues with Confluent cloud

Hello folks.
I am trying to connect a MongoDB Atlas cluster to Confluent Cloud using the fully managed connector. I am running into an error ‘Unable to connect to the server’.

  1. The cluster type in Confluent is Basic which can only support public endpoints in Mongo.
  2. The connection type in Atlas is ‘Standard connection’ and required IPs have been whitelisted. So I believe the endpoint is public.
  3. But when an nslookup is done on the shards of this cluster, it gives private IPs.

Question is are the IPs of the shards relevant to any external connection to Atlas, i.e., I should take it as a private endpoint if the shards are on private IPs?

The only IPs if the shards are not relevant its the IPs of the mongos which is the ones that would be surfaced to you in the Atlas UI.