MongoDB connection by Socks5 in Java driver

Dear MongoDB community maintainer ,
After the , I know that Socks5 is available after 4.11 version
But upgrade mongodb-driver-sync is kinda unrealistic since we are bind it under Spring-data-mongodb usually , is there any suggestion to approach the Socks5 connection in lower mongodb-driver-sync version?

Any feedback will be a big appreciation , Thx

Hi @Alan_Kuo_N_A

We do not backport features like this, under the restrictions of I can suggest two options:

  1. Wait for the next Spring Data release, which will arrive later this year and include the 4.11 driver
  2. Use the 4.11 driver with an older Spring Data release. Also due to we don’t back breaking changes in minor releases, so newer driver releases should function properly with older libraries that depend on it.

Let us know how it goes.


Hi @Jeffrey_Yemin ,
First , thx for reply!
I actually did try to using mongodb-driver-sync 4.11 version in our current Spring Data version and face with some class not found issue but since I only replace the mongodb-driver-sync because I don’t want impact too much , you options2 give me some faith that might be possibility to replace all the mongodb-driver into 4.11 with older Spring Data should be work properly

again , Thx for reply , I will do some testing and hope everything goes as our expectation!