MongoDB Compass Timeout - Robo 3T Set's primary is unreachable and failed to initialize MongoWorker


Until now I have never had a problem connecting and accessing my database collections. But from today I can only access them directly from

MongoDB Compass throws me a timeout, it does not indicate any error in the interface. I was using version 1.22.1. I have downloaded version 1.28.1 and when trying to connect I get the following;
“connect ETIMEDOUT”

I have also tried Robo 3T, which is the one I use regularly, version 1.4.1 (Build 122dbd9). It shows me the following error;
“Cannot connect to replica set “atlas: jti db”[]. Set’s primary is unreachable.
Reason: Failed to initialize MongoWorker. Reason: connect failed”.

Does something similar happen to someone else? I have been accessing these two programs for several years and they had never caused problems.

Hope someone can help me.

It appears that a system administrator at the place where I work was modifying the ports of the router.

We have reset the router and it seems that I can access normally in both programs.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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