MongoDb Compass Settings won't open + No command console is shown

For some reason, when I click “Settings” in my MongoDB Compass client - it won’t pop up.
Also, the command panel isn’t shown.
I’ve tried to delete, reinstall, removing app cache. Nothing works.

Does anyone familiar with this issue ?

macOs Ventura 13.5.
MongoDb Compass 1.39.1

Exact same problem here with Windows 10 Enterprise, and version MongoDb Compass 1.39.1

I found this in the log file:

{"t":{"$date":"2023-08-17T15:39:07.943Z"},"s":"W","c":"COMPASS-SETTINGS","id":1001000145,"ctx":"Settings","msg":"Failed to fetch settings","attr":{"message":"Setting \"agreedToLicense\" is not part of the preferences model"}}

Hello @Oh_Av and @Nicolas_CASAUX ,

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This is a known issue, it’s fixed in the latest beta release, Please update your MongoDB Compass to latest version 1.39.2.


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