MongoDB Compass Installation Parameter


I´m trying to install MongoDB Compass silently.
Because I´m using the MSI file this is no problem I can use the MSI parameter like /qn and this works fine.

But I want to know if there are furthermore parameters which I can use.
I´m planning to include a Server during the installation process.
Does anybody know if this is possible?

I´m looking forward to get all the possible parameters.
As I know there should be some like “INSTALLLOCATION”, are there furthermore?

I appreciate your help

Which msi are you using?
You have to use server msi
Check this link for more params

Hi @Ramachandra_Tummala

I´m using “mongodb-compass-1.35.0-win32-x64.msi” for the installation.
If I understand it correctly, this is a GUI for working with the Mongo databases.
When I start the MongoDBCompass I can add a Server to which I want to connect to.
And I want to implement this server during the installation process, so that the user doesn´t have to implement the server himself.

The Link you posted didn´t give me the correct parameters, or I missunderstood them.

Are there furthermore parameters?

Kind regards.