MongoDB Compass don't work!

Hello, I’m experiencing an issue with MongoDB Compass. I’ve installed version 1.40.4, which comes bundled with MongoDB Community Server package version 7.0.4. The installation via MSI is successful, but upon starting MongoDB Compass, i encounter the following error: “An error occurred while loading instance info: Invalid UTF-8 string in BSON document.”

Interestingly, I can create a database using the command line (mongosh), but i’m unable to do so through MongoDB Compass. I’m using Windows 11. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I solved this problem changing hostname or name of my computer in Windows settings.
Previously, the name of my computer was “Martín.” Apparently MongoDB Compass couldn’t support the character " í ". For anyone who has the same problem, make sure that the name of your computer doesn’t have an invalid character (like characters that have an accent).