MongoDB Community Server URI

Hello, I hope I’m in the right place with my post

I created my own community server.
It works well so far and I can also connect
But I would like to be able to connect to +srv
SRV record was created but I still can’t connect.
Anyone have any ideas what else I might have forgotten?
Or whether the SRV record is correct at all?

Thanks for your answers!

Hi @Tobias_Horacek

In addition to SRV records you can create a TXT record for the connection options such as authSource replicaSet among others.

A mongodb+srv uri implicitly enables TLS on the client so ensure your server is setup with TLS or add tls=false to the connection options

An example of your working uri, the SRV, TXT records as well as any error messages when connecting will help us assist you with this.


Hi @Tobias_Horacek,

I asume you have a replicaset so, you say you already create SRV record but, just like @chris comment, I was wondering if you have created the TXT record and the A records, one per each server in your cluster.

This is an example of my config:

0 0 30001
0 0 30002
0 0 30003
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