MongoDB Community Edition warns about XFS?

HI. Just installed MongoDB on Ubuntu server and it warns about XFS file system. I have EXT4. Is it bad? Also my Kernel version is in the MongoDB recommended range. Thanks.

The Production Notes document has the following:

With the WiredTiger storage engine, using XFS is strongly recommended for data bearing nodes to avoid performance issues that may occur when using EXT4 with WiredTiger.

You can use EXT4, but you might see performance issues. Whether that’s a problem for you depends on your testing of the database under your expected production load.


To elaborate a little on @Doug_Duncan 's post, under some circumstances, it is possible that WiredTiger can experience a stall under EXT4. This ticket SERVER-18314 was the original investigation into this phenomenon (there’s a technical explanation of why in the ticket, which I won’t reproduce here), which led to the XFS recommendation.

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What if the users of db are around 200 people and there are like a total of 3000 documents in the db collections.

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