Mongodb-community@4.4 status error whilst trying to run

I have installed mongodb-community4.4 via homebrew. I can make start and stop succefully however when I run brew services the status is ‘error’.

Name Status User Plist
mongodb-community@4.4 error jbs /Users/jbs/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.mongodb-community@4.4.plist

Check mogod.log.It may give more details on why it is failing
It could be permissions issues
How are you stop/starting service
as sudo or normal user?

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Okay so my work around which seems to work is simply:

Download the mongodb tgz. file. Initiate, with sudo authority, mongod using a path to the location of the download/bin and a --dbpath to a local file location. Something like:

sudo /Users/…/mono1/bin/mongod --dbpath /Users/…/mono1/data

Then I can start mongo and it connects to the local host fine. The only issue is memory. When my local drive fills up the server gets interrupted and mongo looses connection to the host. I assume the only solution is an external hard drive?

Check the mongodb log for error. If it says space issue then definitely you need to add external hard drive.

Braj Mohan