Mongodb Cloud paid access

For research purpose, I want to use MongoDB Cloud for one month.
My research is not on MongoDB but on different data storage techniques.
So, it will be MongoDB vs. MongoDB.
I do not get any kind of research grunt.
Nor my research has any monetary outcome.
It is only for academic and research purpose.
What are the options available for my research work … Can anyone suggest? I will be working with .8 Millions of records…
It is very important that I access the service for one moth only. Beyond this time limit, I will not be able to pay as I am not getting any financial aid…
Thank You

MongoDB Atlas has a forever free shared cluster which offers a generous 512 MB of storage. Assuming you have 800K records and each record is no more than 0.5 KB (total will be 400 MB + some space for metadata and DB indexes), it will comfortably fit in the free tier cluster. If you hit the storage / any other limits, you can upgrade to the $9 shared cluster just for one month.

Thank You Sir. But, .8 Million files may need to be stored and each of these files may be of of almost 700KB. The duration of storage will be till the read operations are complete.
What to do?
Please advise…

Well, that’s a lot of storage! (upwards of 500 GB)

The simple answer is to just get a bigger Atlas instance, but as you pointed out that might not be feasible. The other option is to host it yourself on your own computer (assuming you have the storage and decent RAM - but you’ll loose out on all the benefits you get from having the replica sets).

Now, it really depends on what kind of research are you doing and you need to answer couple of questions for yourself.

  1. What is the research that you’re trying to perform? - Can it be done with a smaller dataset?
  2. What makes each record 700KB? - Is it binary data, images, text files etc. that can be moved to some cheaper storage like AWS S3 and have it referenced from Atlas.

Thanks Sir.
1.I will try to work with files of lesser sizes.
2. These files will be mostly text files.
With Best Regards

If these are text files, one option is to process them, extract metadata out of it and store it in Atlas and then store the entire text file in S3.

OK, Thanks.
Actually the files contain sensor observations as text data…