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So, i was looking at GitHub and there is Terraform Provider for MongoDB Cloud Manager but it’s not supported by MongoDB. GitHub - mongodb-labs/terraform-provider-mongodb: Terraform Provider for MongoDB Cloud resources (This repository is NOT a supported MongoDB product) (last push to master was 4 months ago)

On the other hand, I just saw that you released Terraform Provider for MongoDB Atlas. Do you have plans to start supporting both?

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Mario Pereira

@Mario_Pereira The mongodb-labs GitHub org is for experimental projects from MongoDB, Inc. These projects & prototypes are shared for feedback, but are not officially supported, recommended, or actively maintained.

The Terraform Provider in mongodb-labs is a project created at our internal Engineering Skunkworks (aka “hack week”) last year, and it isn’t production ready or related to the Terraform Provider for MongoDB Atlas.

If we do officially support a provider like this in future, it would live in a more public GitHub org without the support disclaimers :).

FYI: the repo for the officially maintained Terraform MongoDB Atlas provider is GitHub - hashicorp/terraform-provider-mongodbatlas: This is moved to


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