MongoDB Cloud Manager Automation

Hi folks,

So, since there is no Terraform module for MongoDB Cloud Manager.

I have created this PoC of MongoDB Cloud Manager API using node.js

It creates a project automatically and replica set with some users already in it and enables monitoring too.

One question for MongoDB, why Digest Authentication, jeez is hard to find a library that supports it!

Please note: Is just PoC, not expect a super awesome code. You can fork it and make it super awesome.

Hi @Mario_Pereira1,

Thanks for sharing this I will make sure someone from our automation teams will check it.

Have you tried our new mongo-cli for cluster management on Cloud Manager


Hi Pavel,

I didn’t check cli because, all my infrastructure is already in code (terraform and ansible inside Gitlab ci/cd, except mongodb cloud manager).

CLI is nice when you have 1 project, is not very nice when you have 40 mongodb cloud manager projects :joy:.